Some Small Business Website Tips

7 Small Business Website Tips for 2013

There are a lot of factors to consider when building a great small business website.  Fortunately, here at BTDesigns, we have a team of experts that can take ideas from concept to production with aplomb.  Below are some of our subject matter experts sharing what they feel is the single most important tip when creating a website.

  1. “Make sure that their mobile content is timely, relevant and actionable.  Meaning, their content (deals, coupons, promotions) need to remain with the current promotion/time/date, the content needs to be relevant (office hours, what they do) and lastly is actionable.  They need to have front and center their phone number and their address (clickable to a map if possible).”
  2. “Post frequent, original content that is relevant to your target audience. That’s what blogs are perfect for!”
  3. “Don’t build it yourself.”
  4. “Make sure you set your reports and alerts to be pushed to you.  Many SMBs will set up an analytics account, and then completely forget about it because they are so busy handling the many other tasks it takes to run a business.  If a report is delivered via email, or a custom alert via email (or SMS text) it will help make use of the analytics platform through its own automation.”
  5. “Track your results.  You can run the best campaign in the history of SEM, with the best landing page, perfect ad text, and an immaculate keyword list, but none of it will mean anything if you don’t have proper tracking implemented to prove your results.”
  6. “Integrate your active networks. One-click like and follow buttons in the header are a must to build audience. And site-wide footer and contact pages should all feature links to social sites where you want to focus engagement. “
  7. “Even before you have a mockup or design for your website, think about content and who you are trying to reach. Content should be driving the design of your website, not the other way around. Your customers are the main focus.”


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