The value of graphic design for your business strategy

The value of graphic design for your business strategy

Design is an investment in innovative thinking, positioning, branding and communication that creates value for businesses in terms of competitive advantage, customer trust and loyalty, and market share. In a global economy in which production gravitates toward the lowest cost producer, human-centered design provides the competitive differentiation needed to gain market share. Design is a critical strategic asset that is most effective when employed early in corporate plans, not as a decorative finality.

At BTDesigns, we see ourselves as thinker first, and designers second. That means our design work focuses more on “why”, and less on “how”. We are in the business of solving problems, and that requires a process to ensure our client’s goals are efficiently met. We don’t just design. We research, study, observe and then we design. Effective design is more than making things pretty.

To develop design solutions for our clients takes a lot of time and hard work. Here is our process:


Design is worthless unless you know who you’re designing for and how it will be used. Even the most beautiful work will fall-flat unless it specifically speaks to your users and properly reflects the tone of your business.


After analyzing the user research and defined business requirements, we work-out strategic solutions to not only solve our client’s problems at the time; but long term challenges as well. We don’t accommodate current trend, we look forward using the best practices possible.


Every design starts with hours of brainstorming and collaboration between designers, writers and clients. When used properly, graphic design brings a strategic value to the business of communication. It’s not just about “making things pretty” but rather it’s the collaborative process between the designer and the client that reveals the path to finding the best solution.


Nothing is perfect and complete. Regardless of our 25 years of experience, there is always a way to improve on a design, tweak, test, re-release and optimize and re-tweak.


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